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A slitting line produces longitudinal cuts in a master coils of steel to predetermined narrower widths. These smaller coils or "mults" are then sent to downstream operations such as metal stampers, tube producers or roll forming houses that will use the materials in their final products.

Advantages of TOKO Slitting Lines

High level of cutting accuracy by means of high precision shear    Thickness ranges between 0.10mm and up to 25.0 mm

Low burr and low camber slitting process due to optimized shear design   Convenient strip infeeding with movable tension unit

By various pneumatic systems the tension can be adjusted individually resulting in high winding accuracy.  Thickness ranges between 0.10mm and up to 25.0 mm

Watching TOKO Slitting Line, Cut-to-length "CTL" installation and Commissioning video from YouTube1;YouTube2;YouTube3YouTube4;YouTube5, YouTube6 and Video1, Video2...

A CUT-TO-LENGTH LINE takes flat-rolled steel, or steel coils, unrolls it, levels it and cuts it to desired length as a sheet. Cut-to-Length lines are also known as blanking lines, level lines or shear lines. Cut-to-length lines or CTL lines can be start and stop, such as in heavy gauge metal processing which process materials up to 25mm thick. Or, cut-to-length lines can operate as a free loop on lighter gauge materials up to 0.12mm thick.The basic parameters of cut-to-length lines (CTL Lines) are steel coil width, coil weight, material type, minimum and maximum thickness, tolerance, finished sheet length range and desired flatness.

Advantages of TOKO Cutting Lines

  • High output/throughput by minimising tool times and high production speeds  Exact sheet lengths and low burr cutting, Scraps minimised
  • Electric operated shears and notches minimize maintenance work   Wide range of stacking systems
  • Watching TOKO Slitting Line, Cut-to-length "CTL" installation and Commissioning video from YouTube1;YouTube2;YouTube3YouTube4;YouTube5, YouTube6 and Video1,Video2...

    Customer Feedback Said" Your Slitting Line is the best machine we have in our factory without doubt! If i buy anymore machines apart from Tube mill i am buying only from TOKO Group." --Md.Shivam Mehra, India

    Warranty & Service

    1. Production time depends on each different machinery, it's normally needs 45~90 days .
    2. Installation and commissioning depends on different machinery, normally time: 10~30 days.
    3. Installation and commissioning: will dispatch Engineers to help and guide machine installation and commissioning, buyer's staffs / operators training, buyer will pay for the round-way tickets, local accomodations and the addittional allowance for engineer's USD 100/day per person.
    4. Warranty period time of iTOKO machines: 12 months from date of commissioning completion,but no more than 18 months from date of delivery.
    5. Payment term: 30% payment in advance by T/T after the contract, and 70% balance by IRR L/C at sight.

    As a professional machinery equipment supplier, iTOKO brand high speed slitting line, cut-to-length line, tube mills, cross cutting line, roll forming machines have been sold to more than 50 countries and regions in the worlds. looking forwards to establish partnership with your esteemed company in the coming future. (view old site at iTOKO MACHINE 2016 or from Audited Supplier).  For further more technology specifications and solution supports, please contact with us via, our engineers will provide you the Customize-Service in 24 hours.

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