TOKO E6011 cellulose "stick" electrode or welding rod is one of the well-known "fast-freeze" electrode types. Being a "fast-freeze" welding rod, the E6011 electrode can be used in all welding positions. Moreover, the flux coating of the E6011 electrode allows for both DCEP and AC power supply. 

In order to correctly identify a certain electrode or welding rod, the American Welding Society has devised a means of classifying welding rods. The "E" stands for electrode, the first two or three digits indicates the number of the weld metal's minimum tensile strength in kilo-pounds per square inch (ksi). The penultimate figure signifies the welding position, and thus, the electrode's welding characteristics or group. Lastly, the final digit denotes the type or types of current used during the welding process. Hence, in E6011, the 60 means 60 kpi (or 60,000 psi) the first number 1 signifies that the electrode can be used in all welding positions indicating that the weld solidifies quickly and thus, is very applicable for overhead welding. The last number "1" means that it can use either AC current and both DC polarities due to the high cellulose potassium flux coating.

The E6011 electrode is a cellulose electrode as its flux coating contains cellulose. Cellulose is an organic compound that consists of around 30% of the total amount in weight of the electrode coating. In some places, wood powder or paper pulp is added to reduce the cellulose content. The cellulose content in the flux coating of a cellulose electrode like the E6011 is transformed into hydrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide gas in the arc which, in turn, increases the tensile strength of the welded part. Moreover, the cellulose coating of the E6011 welding rod allows for deeper weld penetration. Furthermore, the E6011's high cellulose potassium coating allows and helps conduct AC electric current. 

Uses and Applications of 6011 Rod

The E6011 electrode is an all-purpose welding rod that can be used for repair and fabrication works. It is also applicable for welding large diameter pipelines with wall thickness of less than 12.5 millimeters.

The E6011 welding rod is suitable for welding of mild steels, galvanized steels and certain low alloy steels. The coating of this sturdy steel electrode produces a smooth spray-type arc, forceful enough to achieve deep penetration while leaving a thin layer of easily cleaned up slag. Also, the coating endows the 6011 with very high arc stability, as well as greater deposition efficiency and flexibility, while producing little spatter.

The E6011 has similar qualities to E6010, but the E6011 has the advantage of being able to run on both AC and DC current, making it compatible with small AC as well as DC type of welders. Furthermore, its powerful arc force and quick weld metal solidification make the E6011 an all-position welding rod, suitable for flat, horizontal, vertical or overhead positions.

The combined characteristics of the E6011 make it useful to a wide range of application areas. Due to its profound penetrating ability, it is particularly helpful in welding of greasy and corroded steel as well as for bad groove fit-up welding. It often used for automobile body shops and in welding of farm equipment made of mild steel, as well as in shipbuilding, the construction of bridges, railroad cars, boilers, barges, and the manufacturing of truck frames, pipes, pressure vessels, storage tanks, galvanized steel, and other fabrication processes.

AWS A5.1 E6011 Features:

Like any electrodes, the E6011 has its own benefits and advantages. Here are some of its best qualities:

The best-known benefit and/or advantage that the E6011 electrode possesses is its ability to operate in all three types of current available from a power source: direct and reverse polarity DC and AC. You can readily switch from one current to another to find what would bring in the best results.

The E6011 welding rod can also be used to weld unclean and rusty surfaces. There is no need for performing additional tasks of clearing rust and dust.

The E6011 penetrates deeply into the workpiece. This is due to the digging arcs that the E6011 produces. This penetration ensures larger and deeper weld coverage that results into much larger fused area as well as stronger bond. The E6011 is especially suitable for welding tight-fitting or unbeveled joints.

Being a "fast-freeze"  electrode, the E6011 can also be used in any position as the weld readily solidifies, preventing the weld from shifting or flowing.

  • AWS A5.1 E6011 Chemical Compositions (%)

    C Mn Si S P Balance
    0.098 0.67 0.20 0.022 0.023 ---

    AWS A5.1 E6011 Mechanical Properties

    Yield Strength (MPa) Tensile Strength (MPa) Elongation(%)  Akv (J/℃)
    430 530 30 78J / -30

Electrode Diameter (MM) Electrode Length (MM) AMP Range (A)
2.5 300 / 350 30 ~ 50
3.2 350 70 ~ 100
4.0 400 90 ~ 140
5.0 400 150 ~ 200


The information contained or otherwise referenced herein is presented only as “typical” without guarantee or warranty, and TOKO Corporation expressly disclaims any liability incurred from any reliance thereon. Typical data and Test results for mechanical properties, deposit or electrode composition and other properties were obtained from a weld produced and tested according to prescribed standards, and should not be assumed to be the expected results in a particular application or weldment. Actual results will vary depending on many factors, including, but not limited to, weld procedure, plate chemistry and temperature, weldment design and fabrication methods. Users are cautioned to confirm by qualification testing, or other appropriate means, the suitability of any welding consumable and procedure before use in the intended application.