Mission & Vission

Our mission is to forge lasting partnerships with its customers, and is dedicated to providing total support at any time it is needed.

"Do better if we are not the first one. Make efforts to accomplish what other people have failed to achieve. Try it out if nobody has done so!" it's our motto, in the pursuit of becoming a world-class welding materials manufacturer & supplier, we are committed to strive for excellence in our working and service of endeavour.

We promote innovation through an open management style that encourages a free flow of ideas among all levels of employees. This system gives all employees the opportunity for personal growth and enhances contribution in their role in achieving the company's mission objectives. The company's concept of long-term management stability and growth gives a dynamic and positive momentum, which benefits our customers, employees and the company alike.

We maintain a well-adhered to quality policy that embraces continuous quality improvement to provide products that consistently meet the highest world class quality standards. Throughout all our operations, we put safety and protecting the environment high amongst our list of priorities.

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